Times are getting tougher. Especially with the last years political instability all over the country, and the world.

The one area that is getting most affected is business. To be more specific, your business.

In these trying times, most businesses try to remain afloat using two methods:

  • Cutting Costs
  • Increasing Revenue

But you can only cut costs so far, which means you need to increase revenue. How do you do this efficiently and with steps that can be tracked to show results? What can you use to grow your customer base and brand loyalty?  Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term which refers to marketing of your company products and services using digital technology. These include internet, mobile phones, display advertising and other mediums.

In the marketing field, it is growing in leaps and bounds, with most of marketers predicting it will be the future of marketing. It is crucial for your business to have an effective digital marketing strategy in your marketing strategy. This is because:

  1. Digital Marketing Saves You Money

Utilizing effective online marketing is far more cheaper than using traditional marketing. Using a social media blast or an email, is far cheaper than advertising on traditional newspapers. Take a minute to how many items you will cut down paying for.

No printing of brochures, or paying for roadside stands that people hardly glance at for more than a second. Online advertising is just far cheaper than traditional.

But that’s not even the best part.


  1. Digital Marketing Reaches a Better Audience

The main problem with traditional forms of advertising is that it reaches a blanket audience. Meaning it gets to both the interested and the uninterested.

. If done correctly, your digital adverti far cheaper than advertising on traditional newspapers. If done correctly, your onlinIf done correctly, your online marketing can reach the type of buyer who is looking for you and your services.

Take for example, google advertising. If someone searches for say “cheap nairobi land” then your company, which just so happens to be in the real estate, will be what he finds.

Compare this to putting an advertisement on television. It might reach a wider audience, but how many are interested?

Though this is an important characteristic about digital marketing, the key reason that marketing managers the world over love digital marketing is…

  1. You Can Track and Monitor Digital Marketing Results

With online marketing, it is possible to assemble minute data on everything that is going on. How your campaign is performing compared to your targets. Where you are losing clients and which parts you should focus on.

With all this data at your fingertips, it is possible to craft marketing campaigns that deliver remarkable results.

To achieve your online marketing goals, you need a digital marketing agency that can cater to your business.

Here at East Africa Digital Marketers, we make your digital marketing journey a breeze.

With highly trained experts in the various fields of digital marketing, your online marketing will bring tremendous results, building your brand and increasing your market reach. Call us today for your free consultation.

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