Social media marketing in Kenya

Why Social Media Is Important for Businesses in Kenya

Fun Fact: By January 2021 Kenya had 21.75 million internet users and 11 million social media users according to a report by Hootsuite and We Are Social. Therefore your business needs a social media presence. Period!

Social media for businesses in Kenya and around the world is no longer optional. It’s an essential way to reach your customers, gain valuable insights, and grow your brand.

The report also analyzed the number of audience on each social media platform in Kenya. This are the audience that if you advertise on this platforms your advert can reach.

Facebook – 9.50 million

Instagram – 2.30 million

YouTube – 7.78 million

Snap Chat – 1.25 million

LinkedIn – 2.50 million

Twitter – 1.09 million

These numbers shows why social media marketing in Kenya is very important to your business.

It doesn’t matter if you run a small local shop or a big company, social media presence is crucial for your business.

Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales.

Why you ask?

If someone hears something about a business or they are told about it, the first they do is search the business on social media. If your business is not online then you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

No matter what you sell, social media can help you sell it. Your social accounts are a critical part of your sales funnel—the process through which a new contact becomes a customer

Social media provides immense potential for businesses because consumers habitually log on to it daily and are exposed to companies.

Setting up your business online can be overwhelming and tiring but because its importance cannot be overstated, our team of professionals are willing to take the burden from you and set up everything for you at very fair prices. Your social presence will be set up in a way that you will get sales and more online visibility.

More importantly you will get free consultancy on how to set up and run social media ads. Advertising on social media in Kenya can give you tremendous results to your business and getting experts to guide you and tell you what will work for your business is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Grab either of the package and let’s get started to your success online.

From this packages your business will be fully set up on Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp, Instagram and google ensuring that you don’t miss any opportunity to sell. All channels will be set up from the page to your messaging, contacting, to your business being found on google and helping you advertise online.

Let’s talk!

Youtube adds new analytics options for creators

Youtube has added a new range of analytics tools for creators to provide them with more insight on the performance of their specific revenue impacts, uploads and channel membership growth.

Membership Insights

On the new membership insights, it displays the total and active members over a chosen period.

You should note that this is paying members through channels memberships, not YouTube channel subscribers who follow your channel and watch it for free.

Youtube adds new analytics options for creatorsChannel membership allows your users to join your channel through monthly payments and get members-only perks such as emoji, badges and other goods. Kenya is among the locations that have access to channels memberships if you have more than 1,000 subscribers among other YouTube requirements. You can check out the YouTube channel membership requirements.

Audience tab on Mobile

On Mobile, YouTube is also making an Audience tab from which creators can see ‘Other videos your audience watches’ and ‘other channels your audience watches’. Both add ons are already available on the desktop version.

Performance Analytics

YouTube is also making its video performance analytics more visible on desktop where a creator can see the number of views, watch time in hours, subscribers and estimated revenue per video. On top of that YouTube will also provide more detailed data which will help you manage your content.

YouTube Revenue

On revenue, YouTube is also adding more insights on revenue changes by highlighting potential shifts by reviewer region.

According to YouTube: “If revenue is going up, or down, because of the fact that the audience has shifted to a higher or lower CPM country, we’re calling this out.”

In order to provide more transparency on YouTube revenue impacts such as variable tax laws and processes, YouTube is going to provide more specific data or regional impacts to creators revenues.

Post engagement

YouTube has added a new post engagement metrics display which will show like and votes on the creators top posts on the channel over the last 28 days.

The new options are refinements of the available tools but they will help you as a creator with more and specific information on your YouTube channel performance.

From this information, you can align and develop a strategy that will help you gain more from your YouTube videos.

As a YouTuber in Kenya, you can analyze your channel’s numbers and depending on what you want to achieve in terms of revenues, subscribers and viewers, you can map out a better strategy to improve your performance.

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Twitter launches ‘Twitter Blue’, a paid subscription to access add-on features

Twitter has officially launched its new ‘Twitter Blue’ subscription service which will enable its users to pay a monthly fee to gain access to additional features and tools.

“We’ve heard from the people that use Twitter a lot, and we mean a lot, that we don’t always build power features that meet their needs. We took this feedback to heart, and are developing and iterating upon a solution that will give the people who use Twitter the most what they are looking for: access to exclusive features and perks that will take their experience on Twitter to the next level.” Twitter said.

Twitter is offering tools such as:

Bookmark folders: Twitter users will be able to categorize their saved tweets into topic folders. This means that you can have folders for different products or different content etc. The feature will come in handy for ecommerce listings in tweets, which twitter is currently developing.

Colour theme: Users will have the option of selecting a range of colors for their UX display. Currently you can access this option on desktop where by you can change background to either dim or light out, but on Twitter Blue it will provide the same within the Twitter app.

Undo tweets: Twitter blue will allows its subscribers to retract their sent tweets within up to 30 seconds of posting. This means that if your tweet has grammatical errors or mistakes you can undo the tweet. Twitter Blue subscribers will get access to a “customizable timer of up to 30 seconds” to click ‘Undo’ before the Tweet, reply, or thread gets posted to their timeline – so you can make it 10 seconds, 20 seconds, etc. This feature does not mean tweet editing but it’s much better than not being able to edit at all.

Reader mode: Reader mode will enable users to turn tweet threads into easy to read text and clutter free so that you can read all the content in a single stream.

App Icon- Twitter Blue subscribers will get access to the option of customizing app icons on their devices home screen.

Dedicated Support: The subscribers will get access to dedicated customer support from twitter.

According to Twitter, the add on features were developed from the feedback it got from its users and it plans to build more features for its subscribers overtime.

How much does Twitter Blue cost.

Twitter blue subscribers will pay a monthly price of $2.89.

Which countries can access Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is currently available in Canada and Australia.

Also, Twitter is keen to clarify:

“And for those wondering, no, a free Twitter is not going away, and never will. This subscription offering is simply meant to add enhanced and complementary features to the already existing Twitter experience for those who want it.”

There will be no changes to twitter just some additional tools for people who can pay. If at all you can sacrifice some few coins, you could have access to a few new features on twitter if you are a huge twitter user.

Although there has been a few critic of whether it’s a good move for twitter to have the paid features, we know that even if only 1% of twitter users sign up for the Twitter blue, the company will easily make around $7 million per month and around $21 million per quarter as direct revenue for the company.

If you are in Kenya unfortunately we can’t access the Twitter Blue, but as soon as it is rolled out worldwide we will let you know.

The question is, would you pay ksh.311.69 to access the additional features?  Let us know.

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WhatsApp adds option to speed up voice messages

Good news for the people who communicate through voice messages. Last week WhatsApp added a new playback speed control option for audio messages.

What this means is that when you get a WhatsApp audio message, you can play it with the regular speed of 1x speed or now play it a little bit faster to 1.5x or even 2.0x, sounds cool right? Listening to long audio can be a bit overwhelming especially when you are in a bit of a rush. This feature will definitely be a  great add on.

The WhatsApp speed up voice message will be helpful to speed listeners and in situations where people send you long audio messages.

The update was first released on WhatsApp desktop in the last week of May but has now been rolled out to all users of Android and iOS.

How to access WhatsApp speed up voice message?

You need to update your WhatsApp first. When you send or receive a WhatsApp message you can change the speed of the audio on the audio when you start playing it. The speed option will appear on the left side of the audio with the preset playback speed which you can change from there.

Note that when you set up your audio speed it will remain like that until you change it back.

WhatsApp also introduced “disappearing mode” features from which people control how long their messages stick around. Users are now able to send content that disappears once it is viewed, like on Snapchat, or after a specific set of time.

WhatsApp is introducing new features and updates to help improve its App to put it in a competitive environment with other chat apps, such as Telegram and Facebook’s own Messenger. This is especially after the bash it received after it rolled out its ‘new privacy policy early this year which made people move to WhatsApp alternatives such as Telegram.

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Lead Generation marketing

Lead generation is the process of attracting prospects interest in a product or service and nurturing them until they are ready to buy.

Let’s look at the various channels you can use to drive traffic to your landing page for you to start generating leads. Make sure that your landing page has a form with all the questions that will be helpful to you and with free offers that will make people want to click on your call to Action.

These are several ways that you can convert your visitors into leads who can then become your clients.


Create free content that your visitors might be interested in which will prompt them to click on your CTA and filling out the form to get the content. The CTAs in your content can be within the document and at the bottom of your or even at the side so long as it is somewhere where people can see.


Your website should have a blog section with articles that are posted regularly. Blog posts can be a source of lead when you write about your company’s product or services which can make pique your visitor’s interest in wanting to know more.

With blogging, you can tailor your content in a way that can make people want to get your offer.

Cold outreach

Email and phone cold outreach to prospects can still be an effective strategy to generate good leads. Your emails should not be labelled as a spammer simply because you are sending cold emails. Emails can get you good leads if at all you use a good strategy while sending them out. Do your due diligence in finding out companies that would be most interested in the products or services that your company deals with. There are software’s that can help you get email databases of all the companies in that sector in Kenya.

Ads and retargeting

Paid ads can be a good way of generating leads and with platforms such as Facebook, you can run lead generation campaigns where you can create a form directly such that you don’t need a landing page.

You can use paid ads either on google and Facebook that will lead people to your landing page and have them fill out their information. Make sure that your call to action stands outs on the landing page.

Social media

Social media is another important platform that can help you turn your visitors into leads. You can come up with posts and put them out on different social media channels with links to your landing page.

Products trials

You have come across companies that offer free trials on their products or service but before you get it you have to provide some information first. This is a great way of getting leads because it means that if people like your products it will be easy to convert them as they have already interacted with it.

Contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways are held over a short period and are viral. This means that you can get a lot of leads within a short period. Contests work such that contestants exchange their emails for them to win a prize.

Lead generation in Kenya is a great tool for companies looking to get tons of leads but be sure to qualify your leads so that you can get leads that highly likely to purchase your products or services. Lead generation can be highly time-consuming in terms of all the process of nurturing your lead and converting them but its benefit are highly beneficial in the long run.

As a business owner in Kenya don’t shy away from lead generation, it can be a useful way of getting new customers for your business. We offer lead generation services in Kenya, consulting and we can advise on the systems that you can use to automate the whole lead generation process to make it easier. Call us today and let’s talk.

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Lead generation (What you need to know)

Is lead generation a solution that can help your business in Kenya bring in more clients?

Acquiring and closing leads is the main objective of any business.  Increasing your business prospects means increasing brand awareness, piquing their interest and nurturing the curious leads through a marketing funnel and into your sales pipeline.

When lead generation is done well, it can create a strong relationship with qualified leads who can invest in your business for a longer period.

What is lead?

A lead is any person who shows interest in a company’s product or service.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting prospects interest in a product or service and nurturing them until they are ready to buy.

Simply putting it, lead generation is the process of warming up potential prospects to your business and setting them on a path that will make them eventually make a purchase.

You can generate leads through job applications, online content, blog posts and coupons among others.

Lead generation can be used by both B2B and B2C businesses.

When you implement a good lead strategy, you build relationships, increase brand awareness, generate qualified leads and ultimately close deals. When you direct higher qualified leads to your sales team, the more you are likely to make more sales.

Lead generation process

Lead generation ( What you need to know)
Source: Hubspot
  1. Now that you have an idea about lead generation, let’s talk about the lead generation process.
  2. First, a visitor discovers your business through your social media page, website or blog.
  3. That visitor clicks on your call to action (CTA)
  4. The CTA takes your visitor to a landing page, a landing page is a webpage that is designed to capture lead information in exchange for an offer. Let’s say you have an eBook that you would like to give out for free but in exchange for information from people. You create a landing page and create a form with the information that you want e.g. name, organization, phone number and email address.
  5. Once they fill the form they get the offer. At this point, they become a lead.

How to attract leads

  • Blogging
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Networking
  • Coupons
  • Live events and seminars
  • Website landing pages

Both B2C and B2B lead generation strategies include four components.

Lead capture: Lead capture is the process of collecting information from prospects. This is through the form on your landing page. The form will include the necessary information that will help you know if they are potential lead or not. The form is the first step of prequalifying your leads.

Lead magnets: This is a free item or service that you give away to help you get information from people. You could give free newsletters, trial subscriptions or even free consultation. Simply, it’s anything that will attract people to click on your CTA to take them to your landing page and fill out their information.

Lead qualification: This is the process of determining if your leads are likely to buy or not depending on the information they filled out.

Lead segmentation: This is the process of segmenting your leads based on their activities, habits and information. This could be through the pages that they visited while on your website etc.

Lead generation is quite a process but if done well it can bring you sales. Many businesses especially B2B in Kenya have adopted lead generation in their marketing strategy.

Lead generation requires you to have a few systems in place to help you save time and have automated systems so that you don’t have to do everything. We offer lead generation services in Kenya and offer consultation on the same. We help you come up with a lead generation strategy, advice on the systems to use among other things. Give us a call today and let’s chat.

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Social media marketing tools to help you succeed online

Social media is a crowded arena with lots of competition and finding a competitive edge in this field means more return for your business.

Social media marketing tools can help you save time and increase your overall online sales. With social media tools, you can schedule your posts, analyze your return on investments, find new and interesting content sources.

Getting the right social media tools means saving time and increasing sales.

If you are starting to use social media to market your products in Kenya, these social media marketing tools will help you get ahead.

Social media scheduling tools

If you manage several social media accounts or even one account that requires frequent posts, then you need to have a scheduling tool.

The good news is that most of the scheduling tools have free plans for instance buffer, Hootsuite and Zoho. There are tons of other scheduling tools but also this can do.

Social media marketing tools to help you succeed online

With the scheduling tools, you can monitor your mentions, respond to messages and comments and schedule your posts.

These social media management tools allow you to update all of your social media accounts in one place and at the same time. You can schedule your posts on each account, therefore, making sure you don’t miss out. The challenge with the free plans is that they limit the number of social media accounts you can have on the plan but most allow up to three accounts. Also with the free plan, you experience limitation with the number of posts you can schedule.

Content creation tools

There is no limit when it comes to content creation such as blogs, videos, images and infographics.

Tools that are ideal for content creation are canva, landscape and BuzzSumo.

Canva helps you design different social media posts, blog, Infographics and presentation. Canva also has some premade templates which you can easily edit to suit your needs. Canva is easy to use and anyone even a beginner can use it.

The landscape is a tool by sprout social which allows you to change one image into different dimensions for each social media account. By now you should know that an image that you can post on Facebook can sometimes not be accepted on Instagram. This is because there are different dimensions for images in each social media channel. In canva, you can’t automatically change one image into different dimensions but on landscape you can.

Buzzsumo helps you access the most shared content across different social media channels which you can curate to suit your business.

Social Media analytics tools

Social media analytics is the process of tracking, collecting and analyzing data from social networks. They help you understand what is working and what is not working for your business online.

Tools such as Sprout Social and Hootsuite can help you with social media analytics. They help you monitor campaign performance, engagement and communication from one place. They provide a dashboard that can easily help you to analyze and compare different campaigns. It is simple and easy to set up.

There are tons of other social media marketing tools out there to help you in social media marketing. Most of these social media tools are free while others are paid for.

Businesses in Kenya can adopt some of these social media marketing tools to help them take their business online. Social media in Kenya is growing and people are competing to lead online therefore use some of these tools to help you have a competitive edge.

Advertising on Tik Tok

TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video and providing exciting content. Most business owners in Kenya are yet to adopt TikTok as a marketing tool maybe because they feel it accommodates mostly Gen Z which is a ‘young’ user base.

However, the platform is attracting a wide range of people with around 66 percent of TikTok users being under 30 years while 41 percent are between 16 and 24.

In 2020, TikTok app downloads surpassed all other apps having 850 million downloads followed by WhatsApp with 600 million.

How does TikTok work?

The platform is video-based with the videos lasting for 15 seconds and people can interact with the videos while scrolling through their feeds.

TikTok offers users all sorts of effects and background music to use in their videos. The platform has resulted in lots of dance videos going viral, but that’s not about it. People are creating educational videos, tips and hack fashion and style among other things.

There is a wide range of content going on in TikTok and the engagement is exceptionally high.

With TikTok for business owners, the tricky part is finding content that resonates with the audience on the platform.

People will follow you if you have great content that they like.

What content can businesses create that can help them get more engagement on TikTok?

Like you do for all other channels, the easiest way to create exciting content for TikTok is thinking about challenges or interesting topics that will catch the attention of your viewers.

For instance, let’s say your business is in fashion. You have a wide of options to help you shine on TikTok. You can create videos like ‘what to wear from Monday to Sunday” this way you are showcasing different clothes that you have and selling in the process. The platform provides a like, comment and share option which are of benefit for you.

What about tech companies?

If you are a tech company and you want to start using TikTok as a marketing tool, how about making a video that your software solves. You can make tips and hacks videos that your software can help solve.

Any business can use TikTok as a marketing tool considering they make content that excites their audience.

Don’t forget to use the right hashtags for your videos and you can also partner with influencers who create content in your industry.

Advertising on TikTok

TikTok Ads

Tiktok has a business center like Facebook where you create your ads.

You will first need to create a TikTok ad account before you start running ads.

TikTok offers five different kinds of ad products:

  • In-feed ads
  • Branded hashtags
  • Top View ads
  • Branded effects
  • Brand Takeover
Advertising on Tik Tok
Source: Quora

When it comes to targeting TikTok ads there are only two options

  • Interest targeting
  • Behavioral targeting

The platform also offers a lookalike and custom audience. With a custom audience, you can target people that have interacted with your brand both on and outside of TikTok, by uploading a customer email address list.

On the custom audience, TikTok gives four options:

  • Customer file- This is where you upload a customer file to match your customers with people on TikTok
  • Engagement- create a list of people who saw, clicked or engaged with your content.
  • App activity- create a list of people who downloaded your app or made a purchase
  • Website traffic- create a list of people who visited or took a specific action on your website using the TikTok pixel.

How Much Do TikTok Ads Cost?

Like Facebook, TikTok provides you with two budgeting options: daily or lifetime.

The downside of it is that the campaigns have a minimum budget of $50 and $20 at the ad group level. This is unlike Facebook where you can spend as low as ksh.100 on ads.

Unfortunately, Kenya is not in the placement locations that can advertise in the region. Meaning that you cannot run paid ads on the platform but you can have an account for your business.

In the whole of Africa, only Egypt can run paid adverts on the platform.

Considering TikTok in Kenya has gained lots of followership since last year, it can be a good marketing tool for your business despite it needing time in terms of coming up and creating content but it can give your much returns.

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3 ways to improve your email open rates

You might think that people don’t use emails as much these days with the popularity of social media. However, email marketing is as important as any other form of online marketing. Through emails, you can connect with your customers and increase your sales.

Companies in Kenya are beginning to utilize email marketing in their online marketing strategy and are reaping big from it. Depending with the industry you are in, the type of emails you send out will vary.

What is email open rate?

3 ways to improve your email open rates

Email open rate is the number of emails that were opened or viewed from an email campaign and used to evaluate engagement. To measure email marketing campaigns you need to test and analyze because your email campaign success relies on the open rate from your subscribers.

How to measure email success metrics

When you run an email campaign from an email marketing software, you can check the following metrics:

  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Reply rate
  • Delivery
  • Time spent reading
  • Unsubscribes and opt-outs
  • Bounce rate
  • Spam reports

For you to improve your email marketing efforts, focus on reviewing your open rates to see what has been working and what hasn’t and depending on the trend you can adjust accordingly.

  1. Personalize your email

Keep your email content and subject line personal.

If your database has the contact’s first name be sure to use it in your email. If you don’t have any person’s name just use the company name so that the recipient can see that at least you took time to personalize it.

In most email marketing softwares, there is always a field to personalize depending on how you have saved your database. For example you can have first name, company name, phone number… so if you wanted to use the first name depending on the software you are using you will see the “contact first name” or “first name”. When sending out, all emails will be personalized as per the contact persons details.

2. Use an engaging subject line

The subject line of an email is the single line of text people see when they receive your email.

47 per cent of emails are opened based on the subject line alone.

This is very crucial and will be the determinant of your open rate and which part of the inbox your email will go.

Your email subject lines are your brand’s first contact with potential customers and, if used correctly, they can contribute to a thriving, profitable email marketing campaign.

You need to know what will influence your target audience to open your email, what will catch their eye and what will not. From this you can craft an email subject line that you can be sure your recipients will be attracted to.

When your email subject lines sounds salesy your emails are bound to go to the ‘promotion’ box and most likely won’t be read. Words  that will take you to promotion tab are: “free’, ‘ promotion’ ‘Incredible deal ‘ ‘Increase sales’  ‘Cheap ‘ ‘Limited-time offer’ also avoid using All Caps.

With so many techniques for writing good subject lines, it’s easy to leave these words out of the mix for better open rates and a clean reputation for your brand.

Also remember to not use misleading subject lines because your recipients might end up reporting you as spam or unsubscribing.

3. Right time to send emails

3 ways to improve your email open rates

Depending on the field and location among other factors that affect your open rates, it is important to know when to send your emails.

You need to know when your recipients are likely to open their emails. You can test different campaigns and depending with the open rates you get per campaign, you can nail the perfect time to send your emails.

If your audience are in Kenya you need to know when they are likely to open their emails depending on their occupation, for us it’s in the morning when people are likely to be in the office, say by 8 AM so they can see our emails before they get busy or get out of the office for meetings.

Email marketing is not dead and is here to stay. In Kenya most businesses are embracing email marketing in their digital strategy and they are reaping big from it. Email marketing in Kenya can still work for your business, you just need to work on a strategy that will help you ace it.

We offer email marketing services in Nairobi, Kenya and across the world, and would love to have a chat on how you can use emails to grow your business.

SEO Company in Nairobi, Kenya

What is SEO/Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO simply means the process of improving your website so that it ranks on google/search engines for relevant searches.

SEO in Kenya has become quite popular with most companies competing for the first page. As businesses start to appreciate the importance of having a digital presence, the more they start appreciating SEO and why their businesses should be on the first page of google or rather on the search results when people search for queries related to their business.

Being an SEO company in Nairobi we understand the factors that can help your business to rank high on search results. If you are not ranking on the search results know that your competitors are and they are getting business from it.

How does SEO work?

Search engines such as google use bots which crawl web pages from site to site collecting information and putting them in an index. The algorithms analyzes the pages in the index using hundreds of ranking factors to determine the order in which pages will appear in the search results for a given query.

The key factors of content optimization are content quality and keyword research while crawlability and mobile-friendliness are important site architecture factors.

How do to know if my business/website needs SEO?

Well this is really simple, start with one service /product that your offer. Let’s say you sell laptops. Go to google and type ‘Laptops in Nairobi’ scroll down, do you see your business? No? ok, we can try the second page. Still nothing? We can’t go any further because most people actually don’t go past the first page.

If you can’t see your business on the first page or atleast on the second page then you definitely need SEO services. Why? This means that people are not finding your business online which is not good. Your business should get a piece of the pie as well.

Why is SEO important?

People conduct millions of searches in a day in Kenya. People are looking for products or services every day. They are looking for ‘restaurants near me’, laptops in Nairobi, ‘digital marketing in Kenya’ just to name a few and the search results that they get are what they use. So this means that your business really needs to be found on those search results for you to get clients.

Greater visibility and ranking higher in search results than your competition can have a material impact on your bottom line.

How long does it take to see SEO results?

When you approach a SEO company in Nairobi for SEO services, you need to know that you won’t start seeing the results instantly as the algorithms crawl hundreds of pages and try to understand what your website is all about as well as your keywords and then they start ranking your pages and website. Therefore you start seeing the results slowly by slowly.

Most of the time you can start seeing results months later like 6 months. So SEO is a continuous process that takes time and a lot of money but the investments are worth the while.

Results after SEO

After the SEO process is done, your business will start to enjoy free organic traffic. That means that you don’t have to invest much in paid ads as your website will be appearing for your relevant keywords mostly on the first page of google. Therefore that means that people can easily find your business and you will be at an advantage compared to your competitors. This means more traffic and definitely more business for you.

SEO in Kenya has become really become crucial for businesses in Kenya as people compete for the first spot. Your business really needs SEO because people are looking for products and services that you provide and if they don’t find you, they will definitely find your competition.

We are an SEO company in Nairobi with a team of experts who are ready to answer your questions and help you rank your business high on search engines. Call us or send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.

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How to reduce website bounce rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of users who land on your website and decide to leave without going to a second page. Reducing your bounce rate will help you boost your conversion rate as a high bounce rate is a common conversion killer.

A high bounce rate means you were not able to convince your website visitor to stay and act on your call to action.

If people are visiting your website and leaving on the first page then that means you don’t have a chance to convert them into customers.

A visitor might land on your page by clicking on a link either by mistake and decides to leave immediately right? That is normal. So what is a good and bad bounce rate you might be wondering.

80%+ is very bad

70 – 80% is poor

50 – 70% is average

30 – 50% is excellent

There are several reason as to why you have high bounce rate: poor navigation, poor usability, slow load time, poor design and lack of clear call to action among others.

This is why you need to get a good web design company in Kenya to help you get a good website to avoid losing customers.

Before we start, you can go to google analytics to identify your top pages with the highest bounce rate.

Let’s take a look at how to reduce website bounce rate

Provide a Better Overall User Experience

User experience is the overall feeling of a user while they are interacting with your website. Good user experience is when a user finds a website not only appealing but easy to use meaning they will stay in your website and maybe look at other pages.

How your overall website looks like is important, therefore, do your due diligence before settling on a web design.

Improve your site’s speed

According to google the average loading speed of a web page should be two seconds. 40% of web visitors abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds.

One-second delay can cost you 7% of sales, 11% fewer page views, and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

People do not have time to wait for a web page to load while there are other companies offering the same service as you are. The faster your web page loads, the lower the bounce rates and the more sales you could make.

Avoid popups

70% of users say that they find irrelevant popups annoying. Some popups are well designed and they convert visitors to long-term readers which helps in conversion rates. If you want to have popups in your website keep them to a minimum and make them as unobtrusive as possible.

Call to action

Make sure your call to action is compelling enough to make a visitor want to see what is on the other side. A call to action can engage users and lead them to another page on your website thus reducing the bounce rate.

Use high quality images and videos

Images can help you reduce your bounce rate. High quality images attract your website visitors thus making them stay on your website longer. You can use high-quality images as full screen backgrounds or background slides.

Videos tend to grab attention more than images therefore can be a good tool to help you decrease web page bounce rate.

Responsive website

If your website is not responsive to all devices at this day and age then you are doing injustice to your business.

95% of your customers are on mobile, meaning they search for things using their phones so you must optimize your website for them.

In fact, mobile-friendliness is now a ranking factor, meaning that if your site is not mobile-friendly, no matter how useful your content may be, it won’t rank well in Google results pages.

Content readability

Is your website content readable and legible?

Make use of headlines, subheadings and spacing to make the texts on your article readable.

You can as well use bullet points and small paragraphs that are easily scannable.

Every website theme allows you to easily format content for the ideal user experience and mitigate a high bounce rate.

We hope this article will help you reduce your website bounce rate. We provide web design services in Kenya. If you are looking to have a website that will bring you sales. Get in touch today.

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