Chatbot Messenger Development

In this pace of life, where human interactions in person are rare and everyone prefers to interact virtually, the messengers have become a quintessential accessory for the people to have a conversation. When we talk about people connecting and having conversations through messengers, the foundation of this technology is chatbot. A chatbot is an automated messaging software that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to initiate a conversation with the people and can be embedded through any major messaging applications. Some of the best AI-powered chatbots are as follows: Watson Assistant, Bold 360, Rulai, LivePerson, Inbenta, Ada and Vergic.

A chatbot is a program that was developed with the aim of having conversations with people using the internet. Earlier these technologies were limited for establishing a conversation with people who want to connect socially but the recent trends show that many companies and applications use AI-powered chatbots to communicate with their customers, resolve their queries and getting feedback and reviews from them. It can respond to people like a real person, all thanks to the combination of predefined scripts and machine learning applications. Whenever it is asked a question, the chatbot will respond according to the knowledge database available to it at that point in time.

The response of a chatbot is defined by its underlying software and access to the database. For example, if you ask Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixbie or Amazon’s Alexa about the weather conditions or latest news, it would respond according to the latest weather reports or the latest news, it can access. Nowadays, many leading e-commerce companies are focusing on using chatbots to enchants their customer service experience.

In this technology-oriented world, this technology is a must for establishing good communication channels between people. Chatbots are used in messaging apps, smart AI-powered smartphones, smart TV and many other playback devices such as Alexa and MI TV. These work examine human behavior, all thanks to AI technology and work accordingly.

Developing a chatbot messenger is not rocket science, but it can be challenging, but with a great vision for details, one can develop a chatbot of great value. There are two types of chatbots: basic and AI-powered. When it comes to hosting a chatbot, it is very necessary to choose the right platform such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Discord, Telegram, and Kik. After choosing the right platform, one needs to settle upon the services used for building and developing chatbots, such as Microsoft bot frameworks,,, and IBM’s Watson. The next step is to select suitable development platforms such as – Chatfuel,, Octane AI and For the development of AI and enhancement of user experience, NLP algorithms are implemented. NLP API is used to develop NLP capabilities in chatbot. Some sources for the same are Microsoft LUIS,, and

The development and building of a chatbot is the primary step. Having developed and built the chatbot for completion of a specific purpose, it becomes necessary to identify the target audience. The promotion of technology is very important to draw more users to it. The AI-powered chatbots are made exclusively to enhance the communication channels for better user experience, using the latest tech-driven software along with the real-time database. This AI integrated technology is surely going to take the networking and communication channels on a high level.