Digital marketing training in Kenya is important for a person who wants to become a pro in the social media marketing industry. 43.33 million Kenyans are using the internet, therefore, every business is going online to advertise themselves. This is an opportunity to place yourself in the job industry as an expert in digital marketing. There are many digital marketing jobs in Kenya following the massive internet usage in Kenya.

Why digital media training?

There is plenty of knowledge on the internet on how to carry out social media marketing. But without someone guiding you, you will not know where to start. You always need to learn and practice before you become an expert. Social media is always changing with updates. You might decide to study online and read an article from two years ago which contains information that already changed. With digital training institutes in Kenya, you can be able to learn what is changing in the digital world. With training, you can learn how to checking for updates and much more. It is easier to learn from someone than to learn by yourself something that is new to you.

What digital marketing training entails

Digital marketing institutes, colleges and universities in Kenya offering the training will include the following digital marketing units in their courses.

  • Social media marketing training
  • Content marketing & blogging
  • Google analytics & data training
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Display & video advertising
  • Email marketing training
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

This training will help you be eligible for digital marketing jobs in Kenya, which is your key objective.

Institutes offering digital marketing training in Kenya

Ora Digital Marketing Training

Digital for Africa

Africa Digital Media Institute

Simon page

This are some of the institutes that offer digital training in Kenya, you can look up for more online and choose the one that you find fit for you.

In digital marketing, you are not limited by grades; you just need to sign up for classes from any institution that offers digital marketing training in Kenya. Marketing experts, business professionals’ or communication professionals’ can take this course.  

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