Email marketing in Kenya is important as the Kenya National Bureau of statistics confirms that emails are mostly used as a channel for communication at the workplace and is increasingly used by Kenyan business people to push products and services. 

email marketing in Kenya

For email marketing, you only have a few seconds to make an impression to your target audience therefore when done right, you can successfully drive conversions.

Do’s and Don’ts for Email Marketing


1. Define the purpose of your email

Know what you want your subscriber to do when they see your email. Define the main objective for your email. Make sure your attractive call to action speaks for your objective.

2. Know  your target audience

Be aware of who your target audience is and write an email that matches their needs.

3. Deliver value to the customer

A good email is the one that provides a solution to a problem that the customer is facing so that they can give your email their attention.

4. Use eye-catching language

Highlight words that will grab the attention of the subscriber that will be scanning your message looking for what they want. This words are like improve, Introducing, fast.

5. Include opt out in every email you send

People are always looking to see if the email they are subscribing to has a unsubscribe button in case they no longer want to receive an email from you. This will lead to more people subscribing just to see what you will be sending them if they know they can opt out when they want.

6. Send emails only to subscribers

When people subscribe to your email it means they want to receive the emails if they don’t want to receive the emails, then they won’t subscribe. Therefore don’t send emails to people who have not subscribed to receive them.


1. Avoid using redundant words

Avoid using unnecessary words in your email because you only have a few seconds to grab the readers attention

2. Avoid using technical jargon(if not needed)

People do not have time to invest in reading things they do not understand, therefore use simple language as much as you can.

3. Avoid making the email too long

Let your email be short and straight to the point. If you have too much content, use attractive visuals that matches what you’re talking about.

4. Don’t forget personalization

Do not write flats emails like a robot. Write emails that will interest your readers

5. Don’t design emails only for desktop

Do not assume that people only open their emails on their computers, also design it in a way people will be able to view it on smaller devices

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