This advanced Google Ads location update, is going to apply to commuters whether they are on the road, at home or at work. Meaning that your ads will show to people who are physically at your targeted location in time of their search and also those who regularly travel to your targeted area even if when they search they are not physically there.

This means that if your ads target location is Nairobi Kenya, the people physically living in Nairobi will see the ad.  The ad is also going to be seen by someone who searched for your target location which is Nairobi Kenya and lives in Nakuru but he or she travels to Nairobi regularly or passes by Nairobi to another location.

Google has changed “people in your targeted locations” option to “people in or are regularly in your targeted locations”. This is unlike the previous setting of “Reach people in your targeted locations”  which only showed ads to people who searched for your targeted location and where there physically while they were searching.

This means that your location-targeted campaigns can reach people with ads targeted to their work locations when they are home and vice versa.

This will be a great win for Kenyans running Google Ads especially in the competitive markets like real estate, tourism, insurance etc who not only want people in a certain location, but can get business from people who frequent that location but live elsewhere.

Googles other services like Google Maps have been absorbed very well in Kenya, with most Kenyans using it almost daily to check traffic updates, new places and new roads to get to their destinations.

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