Set your social media goals

Working without goals is working blindly. Goals will help you know what needs to be done at a given time, how to plan and how to achieve them.  Your goals should be specific, measurable, appealing, realistic and timed (SMART) this will ensure you get social media success in Kenya.

Identify your audience

Your message can only be effective if it is designed to a specific customer. You can do this by creating a detailed customer avatar of your target audience by identifying their age, gender, average income, their place of residence and other facts that are important to your business.

how to get social media success in Kenya

The more you define your target audience, the more people you will be able to connect with hence the chances of making sales. In order to get social media success in Kenya, it is important that you define who you want to target your campaign.

Know what social media platforms suites you

Not every social media platform is best for your business. It will depend on where your target audience can be found. If you want to sell directly to the consumer, Facebook is the best platform to use. If you want to reach a younger audience, they can be found on Instagram and snap chat. When you want to target companies and businesses LinkedIn is your to go platform. Knowing this will help you save time and money and reach your desired audience.

Post relevant content and ensure consistency

Give people what they signed for. If your business sells products to make sure, they get the products and nothing less. Your content should be consistent on all your social media platforms. To ensure consistency, you can set a specific time on which you will be posting your content. You can also be scheduling your content for days you will not be available to post.

Engage your audience

how to get social media success in kenya

Ensure there is engagement in your social media platforms by responding to your customer’s questions, concerns and recommendations. If there are any risen issues on your products respond fast to prevent misrepresentation of your company. Add links to your website so that people can purchase or learn more about your business.

Measure your results

Measure your social media activities and see what is working, what is not and how to improve on it. This should be in line with the goals you had set.  If your social media goals were to create awareness, drive traffic or get engagement then get tools that will help you know what you have achieved.

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