There are several means of paying for facebook ads in Kenya. Making facebook payments is usually the last step after you create your ad.

There are several facebook payments methods allowed in Kenya. This are;

1. Credit cards or debit cards which includes;

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Master card

2. PayPal

You acquire a Visa/Mastercard, load it with money according to how much you’d like to spend, then hook it up with Facebook. Facebook tests the card when you hook it up, mostly with 1 Dollar then reverse it, then it will charge when you spend around $5, $10 or $15. The more you run the adverts the more facebook increases your spending limit, allowing you to run ads at a certain period before asking for payment

You will follow the procedure that they will provide you which is filling your account information. Same as for PayPal you need to follow the steps for filling in your information.

Below are images that will guide you

Card Number
Security Code
Expiry month and year

Pay for facebook ads using Mpesa in Kenya?

Facebook has not yet launched an Ad payment method using Mpesa in Kenya. We will update you in case Mpesa is added to facebook payment methods. Mpesa recently merged with Paypal where you can send or receive money through both platforms, which will make it easier to pay for Facebook adverts in Kenya

How to pay for facebook ads in Kenya is a very commonly asked question and we always advise our clients to follow the steps provided and fill in the correct information.


  • Daizy

    can I boost my Facebook page via mpesa please, I don’t want to use my visa because I don’t want it to be compromised.

    • EADM

      There’s no direct mpesa to the facebook payment method. You can get a card that you will be using specifically for ads.

  • praise

    Which is the easiest way to make payment for Facebook ad in kenya

    • EADM

      You can use PayPal, credit/ debit cards i.e Visa, MasterCard or American Express


    How do i use paypal yet my billing page is not giving me that option of using pay pal?

    • EADM

      Hi Mike, get in touch with us tomorrow on messenger and we’ll help you resolve that if it’s not yet resolved.

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