Instagram is growing fast with over 3M users in Kenya with youths being the majority users. It is fast catching up with Facebook which has the highest number of users in Kenya.

Knowing how to conduct Instagram marketing in Kenya is important for any business. Below are some of the important ways you can market your business on Instagram.

How to successfully conduct Instagram marketing

Identify your audience

You must always know the audience for your products and services.  This will include monitoring what your target audience is following and creating strategies that match them so as to capture their attention. Creates posts that can generate a conversation with your audience to get their opinion of your brand. You can also use social media tools that will tell you what your consumers are saying about your brand.

Clearly defined Bio

Your bio is about giving a clear picture of your business with one image and 150 characters describing the brand. It is not just your name, website URL and username that present your brand.

Let your bio be clear, brief and captivating to draw the audience attention. Use a call to action to make people click on your link. Choose a captivating image that will draw peoples attention to want to know more about your brand

Fixed Theme

Use a clearly defined theme on your profile that will give your page a consistent look so that when your audience see your images they know it is you. You can do this by using similar colours in your images or a specific subject matter. For example, Safaricom’s theme is green . whenever you see an image made by Safaricom you can never fail to know it is them. This branding will help you get more attention when you make a marketing campaign because people can easily identify you.

Achievable Goals

A good marketing strategy must always have defined goals which are achievable and can be monitored during a campaign. This will always help you to plan ahead and measure your success.


The best way to measure your goals is through analytics. There are a couple of analytic tools that you can use to see the progress of your campaign. Instagram has an inbuild analytic tool called Instagram insight, with this you can be able to see the engagement on your post,  the number of likes, comments and follower rates among others. With this, you can know how each post is performing and the changes you can make.

 Consistent Posting

Consistency is key for Instagram marketing. Ensure you be consistent with posting information on your page so as to keep your followers engaged. You can schedule newsfeed in advance so that you don’t miss any posting to ensure consistency. If you don’t have enough content to post, do not just post anything or you will be compromising your brand.

Use strong Hashtags

Hashtags make your posts searchable. For you to stay on top, you need to use a combination of branded hashtags and trending hashtags.  Always start with the trending hashtags in your industry this is because most people will be searching for that. This will help you attract more people to your page.

 Share posts that are related to the trending hashtags so as to attract more people. Most of the businesses promote their Instagram marketing in Kenya using the trending hashtags to attract more people on their Instagram page.

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