Marvel Technologies is an IT firm whose main focus is the provision of world class and latest technology solutions to clients. Due to the steady growth of ICT needs experienced globally, Marvel continuously leverage on this growth by ensuring that their clients have access to quality, affordable, relevant and timely after sale service for all their IT needs.


We were approached by Marvel Technologies after they were disappointed severally by other developers and having brought down three other websites. They were looking for an ecommerce website as a good platform to showcase and sell their IT Hardware and Software, as well as support in running ecommerce adverts to push more products.


The previous 3 websites developed for Marvel were built on an old platform, so it was not easy to make any updates, or to add or remove sold out products. That posed a big challenge especially for a business where new stock comes in almost daily and items get sold out and need to be removed from the website instantly. Our work was not just to provide a usable ecommerce website for them, but to also make it user and mobile friendly.

They were also spending a lot of money on adverts with little traction. Their model was pushing for likes and engagement which did little to bring conversions.


We begun by understanding the clients needs on the objectives they wanted to achieve. Among them was a versatile, user friendly, mobile friendly modern website that could evolve with the times.  With an upsurge of ecommerce in the country, making it possible to showcase latest products and have a client choose a product, add it to cart, checkout and pay without talking to someone was a big deal for Marvel.

After development we took the whole Marvel marketing team through a 2 week training to be able to use the website and to understand all maters digital marketing, which made it easy for them to understand how to market and drive more conversions.

We also run paid adverts for them specifically on Facebook and Instagram, bring them lots of brand awareness, traffic to the website and buying consideration from potential clients


Segmenting of their market to 4 kinds of buyers and avators helped a lot , we can easily target students, working class, gamers and corporates.

Awareness and reach highly increased, where we’re now reaching over 70,000 people a week while spending a little budget on adverts.

For converstions we’re getting a lot of messages from our Send Message objective, as well as conversions from our conversion ads, bring in not less than 5 big sales per week from a minimum advertising budget, while helping them automate the process and ship products countrywide with ease.

Ecommerce automation is very effective for them, and we can’t wait to see the sales numbers rise every week.