Mintvilla Housing is a Kenyan – based developer of integrated lifestyle communities offering exceptional value to aspiring homeowners. The company has established itself at the forefront of residential property development in the Nairobi, through the runaway success of its flagship project Savannah Estate.


Mintvillas Housing came to us as a recommendation from their sister company that we had built a website for and helped in Social media and Google Adverts campaigns. They needed a great website to showcase their new property under development, where the website would help them get clients who wants to buy the houses off-plan – when they were under development.


Property costs in the country are getting high by the day, and they needed to entice potential buyers to come in and buy the houses when still under development, as they are cheaper then than when construction is complete.

Our task was to build a website that would show the construction process step by step, while giving enough information that a client local or in the diaspora would be interested in investing in. That meant a very dynamic website that would be updated every now and then, while answering any queries a potential buyer would have in mind.


After understanding the scope of work, and receiving a few photos of the ground and the architectural designs for the development, we commenced on development.

With Kenyan and Diaspora clients in mind, we build a simple, light and well branded website for the development. After outlining the steps to owning the house, showcasing the finished product in an architects perspective, we then started documenting the development process.


The website was complete in 3 weeks, and we were ready to start a marketing campaign for the client.

After starting a social media marketing campaign targeting leads and traffic to the website, we started receiving queries about the property from interested buyers, which were sent to the companies’ sales team for follow up.

This system has since been able to get over 40% of the houses booked and paid for, which Is great as the client did not struggle to sell the property as many other developers do.

With the houses being just completed recently, the client is sure to sell off the remaining houses by end of the year.

From the Client

“Bringing the expertise of web design professionals from around the world, backed by strong customer service, the East Africa Team was able to create an elegant and functional website for us that brought in clients. We highly recommend them.”