Social Media Influencers in Kenya

Social media Influencers in Kenya have emerged with many content creators investing in online channels that have amassed a large following.

Most influencers in Kenya are on YouTube and Instagram. You should be able to identify the ones that will represent your brand like you would want.

If you don’t identify your influencer correctly, then you will not be able to get your brand out there hence loosing your money with no gain. Try and avoid these mistakes for you to yield more success in our influencer campaigns.

1. Forcing a collaboration with an influencer who is clearly not a fan of the brand

 Marketers should be targeting influencers who already have a positive believe towards their brand. Identify influencers who have interacted with your product or service before so that during negotiations you can tell if they are authentically excited to promote your product or if they only want to do it for money. The most successful influencer partnership is authentic.

If you notice any negative sentiment and lack of excitement from the influencer, this means that he or she will not represent your brand effectively.

2. Overlooking the demographics of an influencer’s audience

It is important for you to take into consideration the influencer’s audience so that you can know if the influencer has the target audience that you need for your brand.

Social Media influencers demographics

If your target audience is females in Kenya within the age of 18-35 years you should check if most of the influencer’s followers are females ranging in that age group.

3. Putting too much weight on number of followers and not enough on engagement

As a business person in Kenya do not assume that any influencer with a large follower will be a good person to partner with. Also the quality of the content the influencer will post and how he or she will engage with the target audience will matter.

Check if the influencer’s recommendation will receive any action from the followers. You can achieve this by checking the previous likes and comments from the influencer’s page when they recommended something to their audience.

4.Targeting influencers whose feed is over saturated with sponsored content

Most of the influencers in Kenya and around the world do not want to create their own content but to use sponsored content. This will be a major turn off to the followers who don’t want to feel like they are constantly being sold to.

If you are looking for an influencer to promote your brand look for one that creates their own content and has connected with their audience from that.

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