Business owners often dismiss the significance of online reviews. Responding to online reviews builds trust with your customers and it shows that you value their feedback.  It shows that your business is reliable and credible. Most of the consumers always rely on your online reviews to make their purchasing decision. Therefore, the way you respond to online reviews in Kenya matters.

 Responding to online reviews also plays a significant role in Google search engine because Google wants to recommend a credible business to people who are searching. You should reply to both the positive and negative reviews

If you receive a negative review, it is important to reply to the comment in a courteous manner and maintain professionalism.

How to respond to Positive online reviews

Thank the customer.

Show your gratitude to the person who took their time to write a review. If they asked a question or had some concerns respond to them also.  You can continue the conversation by asking the reviewer for the recommendation on either the service or the product. This will show that you value their feedback and they will feel appreciated.

online reviews in kenya

Don’t Delay to respond

Always aim to respond as soon as possible to online reviews. This will show your customers that you are available and you care about what they have to say.

Entice your reviewers to come back

You can tell your customer that you would like to hear from them again and ask them to bring their friends.

Check for grammatical errors

Check for grammatical errors

Before you hit the send button always re-read what you have written and ensure there are no grammatical, punctuation or spelling mistakes. Always ensure that the tone of your message is professional and the message is as brief as possible and to the point.

How to reply to Negative online reviews

Apologize and thank them for their feedback

Apologize even if the customer is incorrect and thank them for giving honest feedback. Being aggressive and bitter when replying to the comments will only harm your reputation. If you find that you are too upset, distance yourself from it and reply when you have calmed down.

 Respond appropriately

Remember that the online reviews are public hence be courteous and don’t argue with the customer.

Invite the conversation offline

Don’t argue with a customer on the review site, ask them for more details and provide them with customer care contact. Online reviews in Kenya are important for any organization. Always keep the conversation courteous and professional.

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