Saif Real Estate is one of the leading property developers in the Real Estate industry with two successfully sold out projects and one current project in Kilimani. We strive to provide amazing products with amazing customer service. It’s how we’ve built our brand and how we’ll continue to do things! We want to be upfront with our guarantees and customer service.


Having done 2 major sold out projects in the capital, we felt it necessary to have an online footprint to showcase our new and future developments. We had no problem getting clients for our property, but wanted to make it easy for new clients to see what we had done previously and our plans for the future, as well as a way to improve our customer service. We were introduced to the right people to do the job.


We are very specific on our needs, and this is what we wanted to achieve;

  1. Attention to details on content and properties
  2. Ability to get all details about projects, from development phases, location, pricing, viewing
  3. Ensuring new customers fall In love with our property by just seeing them on the website
  4. Building an engaging website where clients can interact with us and ask us questions.


Being a leading property developer, they needed a website that would speak for itself, and communicate their values, philosophy and mission.

With need to provide luxurious and functional housing at great pricing, we were tasked to check out the best in the world and implement international standards to the local market.

After extensive deliberations we agreed on a functional design that could showcase their property like no other local website would, and that Is exactly what we worked to achieve.


Within 2 weeks we had a design that was agreed upon, and we starting working on the content and property showcase. This was interesting as they had the best photographers and videographers to capture all the great features of the upcoming property, at every development stage.

We happily handed them over the website in less than 1 month, and it has served them since, leading to a lot of organic traffic, paid traffic converting very well and pulling in the right clients with luxurious needs.

They recommended us and give us 2 further websites of their sister companies to develop for them.

From the Client

“An increase in sales and a luxurious outlook is what this team was able to achieve for us, just as we had envisioned it. We highly recommend them for any real estate or web development in any other industry.”