Email marketing is no doubt one of the most budget-friendly forms of marketing and the best way to reach consumers in Kenya and around the globe.

91% of consumers check their emails daily compared to 61% of users who access social media daily.

An opt-in email list is a great asset to growing your business which results in more sales, improved customer relationships and growth through recommendations.

In your email reports, you can tell the number of unsubscribes but not why they unsubscribed. Today we are going to look at why people unsubscribe from your email list and how to stop the exodus.

Too many emails

According to research, this is the top reason why people unsubscribe from mailing lists. If you’re sending emails every day and you are seeing high unsubscribers rate you might want to rethink your email marketing frequency.

If you have a newsletter you might consider sharing it once a month or at least twice a month but have a time gap between the two.

Your email subscribers don’t want to hear from you as frequently as you might think.

Irrelevant emails

If you signed up to learn about cars and instead receive emails on beauty you will most likely unsubscribe from that emailing list, right?

Relevant emails are personalized, useful and timely to your customer. Sending the right content to the right person and at the right time is the goal of your email marketing otherwise if you send irrelevant content people will just unsubscribe with the thought ‘This email isn’t for me’.

Take time and segment your email list subscribers according to behaviour, demographics and engagement because a generic one-size-fits-all messaging might not work out.

Emails not mobile optimized

Most people open their emails on their mobile phones and if your emails are not optimized for mobile it means that they won’t look great when opened.

Links may not work correctly, images might not display and the text could be small and unreadable. If your subscribers can’t read your emails they might not want to stick around.

Non-personalized emails

Studies show that personalized emails yield an increase in revenues and transaction rates. Why? When they receive content that is relevant to them they feel valued and are most likely to respond.

How to personalize your emails?

  • Greet them by name
  • Deliver exclusive offers and discounts for them
  • Celebrate their birthdays
  • Tailor the email to their gender
  • Track their website usage and personalize emails according to their preferences and habits.
Your customer’s circumstances have changed.

This is where we say it’s really not you but them.

Their life progress and interest might change which will affect their mailing subscriptions too.

Why so? They might have changed jobs, moved abroad, gotten married, had kids or simply changed their minds.

On the other hand, it can be a very helpful move because your emailing list will no longer have subscribers who will ignore your emails or who you can no longer do business with.

Subscribed unknowingly

A person might open a legitimate email newsletter and then realizes he/she didn’t sign up for it and unsubscribe immediately. Ask readers to subscribe/opt-in to receive emails from you. You might consider having a double opt-in which will get you people who really want what you are sending. This means that your list will have engaged customers who will read your emails and make a purchase. Don’t be afraid of the double-opt-in, sometimes quality is better than quantity.

Most companies in Kenya are adopting email marketing in their marketing strategy because after all, businesses are looking for avenues to sell their products or services. Other forms of marketing can be a bit expensive but email marketing is not. Don’t be afraid to test all your email marketing strategies until you get ones that work.

These tips come in handy for both businesses that are starting or those that have already started email marketing in Kenya.

We offer FREE consultation on email marketing and on other areas of digital marketing. Feel free to give us a call.

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