Social media marketing charges in Kenya? Most people always ask this question before thinking about the kind of social media marketing service they need. Social media marketing charges in Kenya will depend on the kind of digital marketing goal you want to achieve.

 Let us start with getting to know the top five most used social media platforms in Kenya. According to Hootsuite and We Are Social January 2019 digital report, Kenya has 43.33 million internet users (84%) out of the total population of 51.58 million. 16% are active on social media, which translates to 8.20 million active internet users in Kenya. In social media marketing platforms, Facebook leads with an impressive active number of users, which is 80%, followed by YouTube at 61%, Instagram at 48%, Twitter at 33% and linked in at 16%. This are the five most used social media platforms in Kenya that you can use for your advertising.

why social media marketing?

With the high number of internet users in Kenya, most companies have moved from traditional advertising media to digital advertising. Companies can save on their advertising expenditure due to a reduced budget in the digital area compared to other modes of advertising.

With this report from Hootsuite and We Are Social, you can identify the social media platforms that you can use for your advertising. It also shows why social media is a powerful advertising tool for your business. Therefore, with social media, you have millions of people who can buy your product or services, give you recommendation and help you create awareness of your brand.

When looking at the pricing of social media marketing in Kenya, we said that it depends on the kind of service you are looking for. This social media marketing service could be creating brand awareness, driving traffic to the website, driving sales of products, newsletter subscriptions, downloads and promotions.

Creating brand awareness

It is the first step for social media marketing. A consumer cannot purchase an item unless he or she is familiar with the product or service.

social media charges in K

Creating brand awareness means that people can remember your product when they are making a purchasing decision. It also means that people can recognize the distinguishing features of your brand when they are making a purchasing decision.

Driving traffic

This is when you want people to visit your website either to view your services, buy products or to make enquires. When people visit your website, you are able to get important information like what they looked for in your website, the page they reached before exiting, how many people landed on your website and did not proceed from there. You can learn more about how to track your website activities here

Driving sales

It applies to both existing brand and new brands. Your digital goal could be to get people to buy your products, which is what most people want. For this to happen, you need to use the right call to action to drive sales.

Newsletter subscriptions

The overall objective of the newsletters is to convert readers to customers.  A newsletter subscription will provide content that can be accessed for free or a paid subscription. Most financial and health websites offer the paid newsletter subscription.

Generating downloads

Sometimes a company wants people to download their app or information. They will need to use a call to action message that will trigger people to download.


When you want your advert or information to reach many people. In social media marketing, you can be able to target according to age, gender and location among others, therefore your advert is going to reach people.

Therefore there are no set charges  for social media marketing it all depends on the services that your brand needs

In digital marketing, you do not expect to get results within the first month, it is a process. It requires patience and at the end of the process, you will get your desired results.

We offer social media marketing services in Kenya. Being in the business for long, we can provide you with substantial knowledge that will help you succeed in digital marketing.

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