Social media is a crowded arena with lots of competition and finding a competitive edge in this field means more return for your business.

Social media marketing tools can help you save time and increase your overall online sales. With social media tools, you can schedule your posts, analyze your return on investments, find new and interesting content sources.

Getting the right social media tools means saving time and increasing sales.

If you are starting to use social media to market your products in Kenya, these social media marketing tools will help you get ahead.

Social media scheduling tools

If you manage several social media accounts or even one account that requires frequent posts, then you need to have a scheduling tool.

The good news is that most of the scheduling tools have free plans for instance buffer, Hootsuite and Zoho. There are tons of other scheduling tools but also this can do.

Social media marketing tools to help you succeed online

With the scheduling tools, you can monitor your mentions, respond to messages and comments and schedule your posts.

These social media management tools allow you to update all of your social media accounts in one place and at the same time. You can schedule your posts on each account, therefore, making sure you don’t miss out. The challenge with the free plans is that they limit the number of social media accounts you can have on the plan but most allow up to three accounts. Also with the free plan, you experience limitation with the number of posts you can schedule.

Content creation tools

There is no limit when it comes to content creation such as blogs, videos, images and infographics.

Tools that are ideal for content creation are canva, landscape and BuzzSumo.

Canva helps you design different social media posts, blog, Infographics and presentation. Canva also has some premade templates which you can easily edit to suit your needs. Canva is easy to use and anyone even a beginner can use it.

The landscape is a tool by sprout social which allows you to change one image into different dimensions for each social media account. By now you should know that an image that you can post on Facebook can sometimes not be accepted on Instagram. This is because there are different dimensions for images in each social media channel. In canva, you can’t automatically change one image into different dimensions but on landscape you can.

Buzzsumo helps you access the most shared content across different social media channels which you can curate to suit your business.

Social Media analytics tools

Social media analytics is the process of tracking, collecting and analyzing data from social networks. They help you understand what is working and what is not working for your business online.

Tools such as Sprout Social and Hootsuite can help you with social media analytics. They help you monitor campaign performance, engagement and communication from one place. They provide a dashboard that can easily help you to analyze and compare different campaigns. It is simple and easy to set up.

There are tons of other social media marketing tools out there to help you in social media marketing. Most of these social media tools are free while others are paid for.

Businesses in Kenya can adopt some of these social media marketing tools to help them take their business online. Social media in Kenya is growing and people are competing to lead online therefore use some of these tools to help you have a competitive edge.

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