Facebook Marketing in 2020

Mastering Facebook marketing in 2020 is a must if you hope to see the success of your brand. Facebook monthly users are 2.4 billion people. This is a reason enough to make you start Facebook marketing Asap. Two-thirds of Facebook users say they visit a local business Facebook Page at least once a week.

Your potential customers are already looking for a business like yours, but how will they find you in the throng of other businesses?

Social media marketing in Kenya is a great way to start your outreach for more clients in 2020

Here are is the very first step of starting Facebook marketing in 2020.

Step-by-step guide on how to set up Facebook Page

It doesn’t cost you much time to set up a Facebook page. I want you to set it up like a pro to make sure you get enough returns and for you to be seen by potential customers.

  1. Create your Facebook Page

Facebook Marketing in 2020Head to Facebook.com/pages/create, or you on the top right part of your Facebook you will see Create then click on Page. You will need to be logged in to your personal account although your personal information will not appear on your business page.


Choose your page type, Facebook will give you two options. Business/brand or Community/public figure

After you choose the type of page you want, enter your business details.


      2. Add Brand Images 

Upload your profile and cover photos. You can use your company logo as your profile picture. Optimize your sizes for Facebook so that they can look their best. You can use tools like Canva which has templates for Facebook cover photos and posts among others.

  3. Complete your Page info

Go to About then on the right click on the edit page info and fill in the sections.

Description: 255 characters to describe who you are and what you do.

Contact information: phone number, email and website url.

Extra options: If it’s relevant to your business, add your operating hours, price range and privacy policy.

4. Create your Facebook username (@ your vanity URL)

Facebook Marketing in 2020Your username helps people find you on Facebook. Click Create Page @Username to make one. You can find it below your Facebook page name on the left.

Facebook marketing ideas for your vanity URL:

  • Choose a search-friendly Page name. In most cases, this will be your brand name or a name that people can search in relations to your brand.
  • If possible, use a consistent username across social networks

   5. Add a call-to-action button

Under your cover photo you will see the Add a Button. This button gives people a quick and easy way to reach out to you or service. You can use a shop now and direct people to your website or call us and people will call you directly.

  6. Review your Facebook Page settings

Go to your Facebook page settings and review them. The settings will give you custom controls on who you want to see your Facebook page. In particular look at the privacy and security settings and make sure you understand them.

Also on the page settings, you can assign roles to your employees. Caution: Be sure of who you assign as an admin they can easily remove you from the page because they have the same right as you.

That’s it! Your Facebook Page is set up and ready to go.

Facebook Marketing in Kenya and social media marketing in Kenya is picking up real first, and guest what your competitors are already taking advantage of it. Don’t be left behind, you need to go digital if at all you want to get more sales because Facebook marketing in Kenya is here to stay.

Difference between Boosted posts and Facebook ads

We will look at the differences between boosted posts and Facebook ads. With this information, you are going to understand the importance of using either boosted posts or Facebook ads. You are going to see what is available in each category before you decide to advertise on Facebook. Both are important, it just depends on what your end goal is.

Facebook boosted posts

If you are a page admin on Facebook, you have seen the blue Boost Post that appears on every post on your page. That is the facebook boost post.

  • Campaign objective

Ads – you can choose up to 11 campaign objectives (brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, app installs, conversions, catalogue sales, store visits, video views, lead generation, and messages)

Boosted posts – you can only choose between three objectives (engagement, messages and traffic. Engagement means likes, shares and comments.

  • Audience targeting

Ads – you are not limited. You can use lookalike audiences, custom audiences you can target by language and you can add connection types. There is an option to let Facebook automatically expand your interests if it thinks people outside of your audience will engage with your ad.

Boosted posts – there is audience targeting but it is limited. You can only target people who have liked your page and their network of friends.

  • Budget control

Ads – you are allowed to choose your daily budget or lifetime budget.

Boosted posts – you can only choose your daily budget and the days your ad will run.

  • Ad scheduling

Ads – you can set a start and end date for your ad

Boosted post –your ad will go live immediately. You cannot schedule a start day but you can put an end day for your ad.

  • Language targeting

Ads – you can target your audience’s by language

Boosted post – you cannot target audience by language

  • Ad placement

Ads – you can choose where you want your ads to appear. You can choose to have your ad appear on a desktop news feed, mobile news feed, instant article, Instagram and many more

Boosted posts – your posts will appear on both desktop and mobile news feed. You cannot choose.

  • Instagram ads

Ads- you can choose to show your ads on Instagram by ticking in the placement section.

Boosted post – you can only boost on Facebook

  • Right column Ads

Ads – you can choose to show your ad on the right column on desktop computers.

Boosted posts – you cannot show your boosted ads on the right column

  • Retargeting

Ads – you can retarget your ads by installing Facebook pixel on your website.

Boosted posts – you cannot retarget people.

  •  Ad delivery

Ads – you can choose between accelerated delivery and standard delivery. To use accelerated delivery you need to set a bid that is if you need your ad to go live as soon as possible.

Boosted post – you cannot adjust your ad delivery time.

Knowing the difference between boosted posts and facebook ads, you can now create ads that will reach your target audience and convert.

Similarities between boosted ads and Facebook ads

  • Interest and behaviour targeting

With both, you can target the audience’s interest and behaviour

  • Geographical targeting

You can target specific locations of your target audience on both.

  • Age and gender targeting

You can choose the gender you want to target for your ad on both.

3 Secrets to Facebook Marketing

Many people fail on Facebook Advertising. This is because they BOOST ADVERTS which doesn’t work. Below are 3 Secrets to Facebook Marketing that will deliver over 100 leads even if you have never used Facebook before.


Your customer base isn’t all of Kenya in most cases, its where your business is located. If its in Nairobi, try to use Nairobi as the location, not the whole country. Facebook defaults to this massive zone around your business, so you have to be very careful.

Don’t waste money like companies with countrywide ad coverage, most of those companies have big budgets which you don’t, and you don’t want to attract ‘can’t be my customers’ customers. Your time gets wasted with responses too far away like Kisumu/Isiolo.

Zoning your location stops 90% of the budget going to waste.


90% of Small Businesses in Kenya and the rest of the world say Facebook Adverts don’t work. We Tried, No Response.

Facebook adverts don’t work if you don’t have a click – worthy offer, which most companies don’t have.

They also don’t work if you don’t have an attention getting photo, collage or video.

You have to offer something worth clicking and worth breaking a habit over.

Great Facebook adverts are built in 5 steps – each step for a specific reason. Follow the 6 steps below and you’ll get results, don’t and you won’t.

Find below an example advert we had used for a massage parlor in Nairobi that got great results;

  1. Call out the location, i’e Hey Nairobi
  2. Call out the pain
  3. Give an offer
  4. Show Scarcity
  5. Do Branding


Placements are where the Facebook advert appears, more like a billboard, tv or magazine

There are 8 different and unique placements that facebook provides across 4 platforms, check them out below;

The best placement is News Feed, it shows your advert on a bigger screen and most people react better to it than the rest.

Facebook wants to run your advert everywhere and get the most money from you, but you want your advert to run where it will get the most results. Your aim should be to only drive leads, results and actionable customers.

To recap it all…

Don’t let Facebook determine your location. Always target your serviceable zones who are people who can come over to your shop and buy from you. You shouldn’t target a location you cannot service.

Remember that 90% Facebook Adverts don’t hit their goals. Always try to have a human focused photo that draws peoples attention and focus on the 5 steps while setting up the adverts to ensure the advert converts.

Facebook wants to spend your money fast so run your advert where it gets the most leads. Always choose Newsfeed placement for the best results. Only do Instagram and the rest when you specifically want to be seen on those platforms, but newsfeed will always give the best results.

Don’t waste your money on Facebook advertising if you feel unsure of how to go about it, we can help, just get in touch.