3 Secrets to Facebook Marketing

Many people fail on Facebook Advertising. This is because they BOOST ADVERTS which doesn’t work. Below are 3 Secrets to Facebook Marketing that will deliver over 100 leads even if you have never used Facebook before.


Your customer base isn’t all of Kenya in most cases, its where your business is located. If its in Nairobi, try to use Nairobi as the location, not the whole country. Facebook defaults to this massive zone around your business, so you have to be very careful.

Don’t waste money like companies with countrywide ad coverage, most of those companies have big budgets which you don’t, and you don’t want to attract ‘can’t be my customers’ customers. Your time gets wasted with responses too far away like Kisumu/Isiolo.

Zoning your location stops 90% of the budget going to waste.


90% of Small Businesses in Kenya and the rest of the world say Facebook Adverts don’t work. We Tried, No Response.

Facebook adverts don’t work if you don’t have a click – worthy offer, which most companies don’t have.

They also don’t work if you don’t have an attention getting photo, collage or video.

You have to offer something worth clicking and worth breaking a habit over.

Great Facebook adverts are built in 5 steps – each step for a specific reason. Follow the 6 steps below and you’ll get results, don’t and you won’t.

Find below an example advert we had used for a massage parlor in Nairobi that got great results;

  1. Call out the location, i’e Hey Nairobi
  2. Call out the pain
  3. Give an offer
  4. Show Scarcity
  5. Do Branding


Placements are where the Facebook advert appears, more like a billboard, tv or magazine

There are 8 different and unique placements that facebook provides across 4 platforms, check them out below;

The best placement is News Feed, it shows your advert on a bigger screen and most people react better to it than the rest.

Facebook wants to run your advert everywhere and get the most money from you, but you want your advert to run where it will get the most results. Your aim should be to only drive leads, results and actionable customers.

To recap it all…

Don’t let Facebook determine your location. Always target your serviceable zones who are people who can come over to your shop and buy from you. You shouldn’t target a location you cannot service.

Remember that 90% Facebook Adverts don’t hit their goals. Always try to have a human focused photo that draws peoples attention and focus on the 5 steps while setting up the adverts to ensure the advert converts.

Facebook wants to spend your money fast so run your advert where it gets the most leads. Always choose Newsfeed placement for the best results. Only do Instagram and the rest when you specifically want to be seen on those platforms, but newsfeed will always give the best results.

Don’t waste your money on Facebook advertising if you feel unsure of how to go about it, we can help, just get in touch.