How to Get More YouTube Views in Kenya

YouTube viewers in Kenya have increased over time with 80% increase in mobile usage which means that most people are spending time watching YouTube videos on their mobile phones. This has led to over 250 YouTube content creators in Kenya thus bringing competition because everyone wants people to view their content. As a content creator in Kenya you need to know how to get more people to watch your videos. Below we have summarized what we think is important for you to receive more YouTube viewers in Kenya.

Attractive Thumbnail Image

A thumbnail is a video’s preview image. The thumbnail image is the first impression people get of your video and it determines if they will click on your video or not.­­

Take time to develop high quality and clear image to use as your video’s thumbnail. If your thumbnail image discourage people from clicking to your videos. It means you are not going to get any likes, comment and subscriptions thus your video will not be ranked high.

Try to include the following in your thumbnail;

  • Brightly colored backgrounds
  • Text overlays
  • Close-ups of faces
  • Subtle branding — like a small logo or watermark

Optimize Your Video Titles

Search engine optimization (SEO) matters on YouTube for your videos to rank high and be discoverable.

On YouTube you can optimize your videos and channel this will include the title, descriptions, file name and tags.  Know which keywords you need your video to optimize for, then use them so as to get more YouTube viewers in Kenya.

Optimize your YouTube channel

1. Optimize your YouTube channel description

Start with a quick description of your brand and the benefits of your products. Then tell your viewers why they should watch your videos (what is in for them). Make sure you include your keywords in your description.

How to get more YouTube viewers in Kenya

2. Add your social channels, links to your website, and a way to get in contact.

List all your social media platforms for people to find more about your brand.

3. Enable related channels

Do not turn off the ‘related channel’ feature on YouTube. By turning off this feature, you remove your channel from YouTube recommendations. This will make you lose the network effect of YouTube.

 Promote Your Videos on Other Social Channels

If you want more YouTube viewers in Kenya, you need to let your followers know when you upload a new video to YouTube. You can do that by creating a short teaser video (1 minute) long and post it on your with a link to the full video.

Make Sure Your Videos Are Embedding Enabled

Embedding your video allows your viewers to share the video on their website or their vlogs. This is an effective way of your brand reaching new audience and more YouTube videos.

how to get more YouTube viewers in Kenya

If a video has been embedded, when a viewer clicks ‘Share’ underneath the video window, YouTube will show them the ‘Embed’ option to whichever platform they want to.

Invite Guest Vloggers

Inviting guest vloggers is another way to gain new viewers and followers. Identify YouTube content creator in Kenya who have a similar audience as you then invite them to one of your video. The content creator will most definitely share the video with his or her followers then you can get free views as well as new followers.  

Know what is Trending

Be up to date with things happening in your industry. If you have an understanding of what is happening in your industry, you can create videos that are current and interesting to those that are researching for it. This will enable you to share information before anyone else. Being the first to share information will lead to more exposure to your content and more viewers.