How to reduce website bounce rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of users who land on your website and decide to leave without going to a second page. Reducing your bounce rate will help you boost your conversion rate as a high bounce rate is a common conversion killer.

A high bounce rate means you were not able to convince your website visitor to stay and act on your call to action.

If people are visiting your website and leaving on the first page then that means you don’t have a chance to convert them into customers.

A visitor might land on your page by clicking on a link either by mistake and decides to leave immediately right? That is normal. So what is a good and bad bounce rate you might be wondering.

80%+ is very bad

70 – 80% is poor

50 – 70% is average

30 – 50% is excellent

There are several reason as to why you have high bounce rate: poor navigation, poor usability, slow load time, poor design and lack of clear call to action among others.

This is why you need to get a good web design company in Kenya to help you get a good website to avoid losing customers.

Before we start, you can go to google analytics to identify your top pages with the highest bounce rate.

Let’s take a look at how to reduce website bounce rate

Provide a Better Overall User Experience

User experience is the overall feeling of a user while they are interacting with your website. Good user experience is when a user finds a website not only appealing but easy to use meaning they will stay in your website and maybe look at other pages.

How your overall website looks like is important, therefore, do your due diligence before settling on a web design.

Improve your site’s speed

According to google the average loading speed of a web page should be two seconds. 40% of web visitors abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds.

One-second delay can cost you 7% of sales, 11% fewer page views, and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

People do not have time to wait for a web page to load while there are other companies offering the same service as you are. The faster your web page loads, the lower the bounce rates and the more sales you could make.

Avoid popups

70% of users say that they find irrelevant popups annoying. Some popups are well designed and they convert visitors to long-term readers which helps in conversion rates. If you want to have popups in your website keep them to a minimum and make them as unobtrusive as possible.

Call to action

Make sure your call to action is compelling enough to make a visitor want to see what is on the other side. A call to action can engage users and lead them to another page on your website thus reducing the bounce rate.

Use high quality images and videos

Images can help you reduce your bounce rate. High quality images attract your website visitors thus making them stay on your website longer. You can use high-quality images as full screen backgrounds or background slides.

Videos tend to grab attention more than images therefore can be a good tool to help you decrease web page bounce rate.

Responsive website

If your website is not responsive to all devices at this day and age then you are doing injustice to your business.

95% of your customers are on mobile, meaning they search for things using their phones so you must optimize your website for them.

In fact, mobile-friendliness is now a ranking factor, meaning that if your site is not mobile-friendly, no matter how useful your content may be, it won’t rank well in Google results pages.

Content readability

Is your website content readable and legible?

Make use of headlines, subheadings and spacing to make the texts on your article readable.

You can as well use bullet points and small paragraphs that are easily scannable.

Every website theme allows you to easily format content for the ideal user experience and mitigate a high bounce rate.

We hope this article will help you reduce your website bounce rate. We provide web design services in Kenya. If you are looking to have a website that will bring you sales. Get in touch today.

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10 reasons why you need an E-commerce website

E-commerce is any commercial transaction that involves the transfer of information across the internet.

The good news is that worldwide online sales are expected to grow to $4 trillion by 2020.  Many businesses are shifting to E-commerce, the question is what is motivating them and what are the supposed benefits that are attracting many businesses to create e-commerce websites?

Currently, we have so many e-commerce websites in Kenya with many companies and individuals going the e-commerce way.

Check out some of the advantages of having an e-commerce website

1. Low Financial cost

One of the major benefits of an e-commerce website is that it has a low startup cost. You don’t have to a physical store, employees, you will save on rent among other expenses. You can have a chatbot to help you with your customer service, that way you cannot have so much work on your hands.

2. A Larger Market

With E-commerce you are not limited to a specific area or country, you can sell your products to as many people as you can. This will help you grow faster and boost your business.

The proliferation of mobile devices gives people the power to purchase on the go — right in the palm of their hand. There’s never been a time when the impulse to buy has been easier to indulge.

3. Shoppers Start Online

87% of shoppers start product searches on the digital platforms, they can either search on Google, Facebook, Instagram among other channels. Thus the only way to ensure that potential customers find your product is to have an online presence.

4. Always Open

With e-commerce you are not limited to time, your business is on 24/7. People can shop at any time and in case they need assistance a Chabot can help in answering their queries.

An e-commerce store allows you to attract those who may have odd work schedules or who don’t have time to shop in-person or generally any person.

All you need is to customize your ordering systems for your customers to receive a confirmation message when they place an order to give them peace of mind.

5. More Opportunities To “Sell”

With a physical shop, you can only provide a limited amount of information on a product. But with an e-commerce website you have a wide range of options to help you sell your products such as showing demo videos of products, you can also include reviews and customer testimonials to help you increase conversion.

Reviews and testimonials are a great source of building a strong customer base with trust. They simply increase the confidence in doing business with you and builds trust with your current and potential customers.

6. Ecommerce allows for a customized user experience

Customer’s data about their previous purchases, wish list and online activity can be a gold mine to your business such that you can deliver a personalized experience.

10 reasons why you need an E-commerce website

You can use products according to a shopper’s interest or their wishlist which will trigger them into action because it is things that they are interested in.


You can also show related products to what they are looking for, which might even make them buy other products.

7. Retargeting and remarketing

Retargeting uses cookies from previous visits to display ads. Even if someone comes to your website and they do not buy, retargeting is a marketing tactic that can help get your brand in front of potential customers.

For instance, you visit Jumia and look for a fridge, you don’t buy it and leave the website when you visit another website, you will see a Jumia ad with different types of fridge and other electronics, this is called retargeting. It can act as a reminder to your potential customers and trigger purchases.

Remarketing uses a person’s information on past purchases and site interactions to send emails about sales and promotions for related products.

8. Easier to Encourage Impulse Buy

Another e-commerce benefit is that you can capitalize on is impulse buying. If you have attractive products with eye-catching photos and vibrant colour or human emotion, you can encourage impulse buying.  People can easily end up buying products that they didn’t need simply because it was eye-catching.

9. Gain Access to Customer Data Easily

One of the best e-commerce advantages is that you can easily gain access to data for analysis on your customer.

With e-commerce, you can get a customer’s name, phone number or email address meaning you have three different ways of communicating and building a relationship with them.

10. Grow Your Business Organically with Content

You can grow your organic traffic and sales with e-commerce blogging to drive more traffic to your website without having to spend more money. You can make videos and writing content( blogging) to get organic traffic then you can monetize those customers with retargeting ads.

E-commerce websites in Kenya are really growing with putting starting to trust online products, therefore do not shy away from it, it could really help your business grow and what more, you don’t need to pay rent and other expenses that you would have if you had a physical shop. E-commerce in Kenya is set to grow exponentially this year.

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