WhatsApp Dark Mode – How to enable WhatsApp dark mode

WhatsApp finally launches the much awaited WhatsApp Dark Mode. As per the name, dark mode changes the WhatsApp background colour to a dark colour, making it much easier on the eyes – mostly when using your phone in the evening.

The WhatsApp home screen and the settings menu are now in a dark colour, but on the conversation interface, only the chat bubbles are dark while the background is white or it reflects any other colour users have set as background.

In a blog announcing the update, WhatsApp said, “It’s designed to reduce eye strain in low light environments. And we hope it helps prevent those awkward moments where your phone lights up the room.”

The company added that the dark Mode was developed with a focus on two key areas – readability and information hierarchy.

WhatsApp explained: “When choosing colours, we wanted to minimize eye fatigue and use colours that are closer to the system defaults on iPhone and Android respectively.

“We wanted to help users easily focus their attention on each screen. We did this by using colour and other design elements to make sure the most important information stands out.”

But before we go ahead on how the feature is activated, it must be noted that dark mode is currently available only to users on Android 10 and iOS 13.

How to enable WhatsApp dark mode on Android and iOS?

I have changed the title to To enable WhatsApp dark mode, Open the WhatsApp, tap on the three-dot menu icon at the top right corner of the screen and select Settings from the menu.

Once you are on the Settings page, tap on Chats then tap on Theme. Doing so will open a window where you choose the theme.

Tap on Dark in the window that appears. This will enable the dark mode interface across the app.

You can select the System default option to automatically switch between dark and light mode based on system settings.