WhatsApp adds option to speed up voice messages

Good news for the people who communicate through voice messages. Last week WhatsApp added a new playback speed control option for audio messages.

What this means is that when you get a WhatsApp audio message, you can play it with the regular speed of 1x speed or now play it a little bit faster to 1.5x or even 2.0x, sounds cool right? Listening to long audio can be a bit overwhelming especially when you are in a bit of a rush. This feature will definitely be a  great add on.

The WhatsApp speed up voice message will be helpful to speed listeners and in situations where people send you long audio messages.

The update was first released on WhatsApp desktop in the last week of May but has now been rolled out to all users of Android and iOS.

How to access WhatsApp speed up voice message?

You need to update your WhatsApp first. When you send or receive a WhatsApp message you can change the speed of the audio on the audio when you start playing it. The speed option will appear on the left side of the audio with the preset playback speed which you can change from there.

Note that when you set up your audio speed it will remain like that until you change it back.

WhatsApp also introduced “disappearing mode” features from which people control how long their messages stick around. Users are now able to send content that disappears once it is viewed, like on Snapchat, or after a specific set of time.

WhatsApp is introducing new features and updates to help improve its App to put it in a competitive environment with other chat apps, such as Telegram and Facebook’s own Messenger. This is especially after the bash it received after it rolled out its ‘new privacy policy early this year which made people move to WhatsApp alternatives such as Telegram.

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