A mobile optimized website is key for your business considering that 91% of Kenyans access the internet from their mobile phones or their tablets more than from a desktop or laptop.

Below are reasons why you need a mobile friendly website.

1. Google and SEO Improvement

google SEO ranking

Having a mobile friendly site is quite important as you get better google ranking. Google cares a great deal about the proficiency of a business’ mobile site thus if your site is mobile friendly then your SEO will be high and your website can appear high on the google search results. The better user experience you provide to mobile users, the better ranking your website receives on Google.

 2. Enhanced user browsing experience for your visitors

Websites optimized for mobile, greatly enhance the user experience for your visitors making it easier for them to navigate your website, view images, read your content and share your content through the web.

mobile optimized website

 When a website doesn’t render for small screens like mobile phones, the images and text appear to be distorted when viewed on a mobile device.

3. Reduces duplicate content

Instead of having different sites for each device, a mobile friendly site allows you to focus on SEO effort on a single website to improve search ranking on google. Mobile optimized and responsive websites work well across various platforms such as desktop, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

4. The mobile user market is continuously growing at a very fast pace. 

Kenya has 91% of Kenyans have access to a smartphone. Kenya has the highest share of internet usage from mobile phones as compared to desktops. Jumia Kenya, an online shop in Kenya, reported 70% of their traffic coming from mobile phones while 50% of payments done through the mobile also. This means that with a mobile optimized website, you will have the ability to reach a broader range of users that use mobile devices to search the web.

5. Faster loading speed

For you to rank high on the search results, loading speed to your site is an important factor. Mobile friendly sites load fast than the desktop ones mostly when accessed through a mobile device. This means that people can access your website faster hence getting more information on you. People end up not viewing your site if the loading speed is slow.

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