A chatbot is a computer program designed to have a conservation with a human being over the internet. They can take information, broadcast newsletters, setup appointments, direct customers to your website and landing pages, they can handle FAQ’s and can even be turned into fun games and targeted marketing agents.

Think of it as a 24/7 salesman, customer service rep, and lead qualifier. It works around the clock while you’re on vacation, while you’re sleeping, or while you’re doing something else!

Chatbots are catching up fast in Kenya with banks, insurance companies like Jubilee insurance and Barclays bank being among the first to use the chatbot to help with their customer service. Other organizations are now adapting chatbot in their organizations.

 Reasons why your business needs a chatbot

1.  Increase Customer Engagement

Reasons why you need a chatbot

It’s important for a business to keep its customers engaged with their brand. Chatbot make customer engagement more interactive and keep the conversation flowing without giving the client any unnecessary information. They are programmed to give answers to repetitive questions so that you can deal with other issues other than responding to easy questions.

2. Improve Customer Service

Chatbot provide extensive customer assistance as they allow you to start a conversation with each customer regarding any issue, anytime of the day. They provide assistance in real-time like a sale person in a real store. They are programmed to give answers to repetitive questions so that the agent can focus on more important cases rather than on the easy questions. This engagement will make your client feel acknowledged and this will improve your brand perception in the long run.

3. Minimal cost and Maximum returns

Platforms like Facebook Messenger provide the necessary infrastructure and an application programming interface (API) for creating these bots therefore making it cheap. Chatbot require minimal maintenance and there is no intensive work since it is automated.

4. Always open and available

No business can be open and functioning 24 hours a day. For most businesses in Kenya, once the business time is over any calls or emails will have to wait until the next day. However, with a chatbot, you can allow customers to ask questions and get answers at any day or time. They can make bookings, buy products and find a wealth of information about your business.

 5. Better Marketing and More Sales

Chatbot can be useful for any industry, food chatbot can order dinner, banking and trading chatbot can deal with your finances, Ecommerce chatbot help you purchase goods and services and booking chatbot can book hotels and flights. They help customers choose products, process payment information, enter shipping addresses, and complete orders. This makes it easier than even talking to a human.

why you need a chatbot

Chabot can help send products or services to customers who are more likely to convert into sales depending on users purchase or preference. It can also send coupons to users for in-store purchases or discounts.

Chatbot are definitely the cheapest and the fastest way of providing an engaging experience to your customers. If you would like to understand how they work and if your business requires a chatbot, get in touch with us. We provide chatbot services.

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